Talia Connelly Diary, Part 3 | Hosted by the Nido Collection

October 5th,


I would welcome you with an amorous French greeting, but I feel a bit fraudulent pulling up Google Translate. Now that the Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Spring 2017 show has been officially released, I am in the liberty to share more shots leading up to the occasion. The camera on my cell phone is comparable to the visual quality of a Windows 2000 desktop and dies at the most inopportune moments so a few images are borrowed from coworkers to fill in the gaps. Longest entry yet, but mostly comprised of photos so it’s digestible.

The week before the show


Handstitching a series of labels onto the right side of each tailored jacket. Each stitch was precisely measured 5mm apart.


One of the machinists modeling his handiwork. Complete with red felt eyes and dangling metal claws.


When the plotter printer has an emotional breakdown, masks and super glue come to the rescue.


The last day in the London studio before heading to Paris: In peak condition and ready to face any challenge of the universe.


6:00am (night of the show) and still sle-working in the showroom. I was ready to nail the coffin at this point.

I jest, I jest. Compared to the workload of university, giving up one night of rest in order to execute a performance uniting the past three months of development was more than doable. A few full-time employees even worked 48 hours straight. Such dedication.

My sister Justine also flew over to Paris with the approval of my studio manager who had been looking for a few extra hands to help with the show. “Animal Science pre-Vet” is her field of expertise at University College Dublin, but that didn’t slow her from adjusting metal corsets on ten different torsos or applying snake, lion, and acorn appliques onto a stack of tailored skirts and blazers.

Friday – The day before the show


9:30am – In the showroom handstitching metal charms onto an acid yellow blazer. This piece was cut from the show, but its grey counterpart with the same charm placement remained.


10:25pm – Enlisting an army to fit this apparatus onto the model without toppling her over. A line of models awaiting their fittings formed at 11am and the last one trickled out at around 12am.


Looking fierce Elena.


3 am – Deliberating the final lineup. Hundreds of outfit combinations tested that day were narrowed down to 65 looks.


3:30 am – Organizing each shoe by style and size. Because most models share shoes during the show, lineups are strategically planned around availability.


5:30 am – Preparing the garment bags; one for each model.


6:30am – Taking a cab back to our Airbnb to catch a few Zzzzz’s before showtime.


Here’s the lay of the land. The showroom was right around the corner from the Louve and the show venue was a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower. You’d think they would have tried a little harder to secure something more impressive but I wasn’t the one calling the shots.


J and I stayed in an adorable apartment complex located in the 13th Arrondissement, about a 40-minute commute from the showroom. Our host Sarah-Jane works as a flight attendant for Air France and was in Chile when we arrived, so her mother was there to greet us. Her mother didn’t speak a lick of English and I didn’t speak a word of French so we communicated through caveman gestures and lots of smiles. Sarah-Jane’s son is studying abroad in Montreal, and according to Sarah, “has no desire to return to Paris,” (Me: WHY??) so she’s been renting out his room to guests like us.


Her son owns 34 volumes of Naruto. We would have been good friends.

Saturday – The day of the show


The Gold label interns sporting matching show T-shirts


I woke up like this.


AK, V, and models bask in the post-show glow. Almost immediately after this photo was taken, the set was taken down, the models dashed off to their next runway appointment, and the clothes were disassembled, packed back into garment bags, and loaded into vans to be taken back to the showroom. Akin to watching the heist scene from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the pieces left the venue as quickly as they had come.


While on our way to the showroom to do the post-show unpacking, we took our first uninhibited stroll through the city streets.


Ah Sunday, smartly christened as the day of rest. My sister and I slept for 12 hours and had our first meal outside of the Westwood showroom at Sarah-Jane’s favorite Basque restaurant, a 15-minute walk from the apartment. Sunday was also the grand opening for Vivienne Westwood’s first boutique in Paris, so we headed back to the showroom to make celebratory balloon decorations.


Notice the balloon covered ceiling!


Shiny bull-hooves adorn garment rack legs.

There were rumors of a studio afterparty but the plea for sleep won the fight, so we hopped on the metro to our Airbnb and enjoyed a quiet evening of chats and chocolate buscuits with Sarah Jane.


I woke up at the blessed hour of 5am to bid Justine well as the Uber ride to take her to the bus terminal for Beauvais Airport pulled up at the apartment. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed before going to back to sleep (a terrible habit I’ve got to kick) I caught a photo of my roommate from back home posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. Could it really be? Emily? I knew she was travelling to Berlin to study abroad, but her detour to Paris was news to me. 6 hours later, I found myself on the sixth floor of Centre Pompidou skipping through the Magritte and Beat Generation exhibitions with my adventure-seeking, karaoke-singing, dance partner in crime.


Staircase leading up to the heavens.  Colossal hamster tunnel. Or Pompidou façade.


View from inside.


And the Beat goes on.

At 5pm I boarded the Eurostar back to London. I forgot my water bottle at the showroom and wasn’t about to pay two pounds for bottled water so I went back to my seat. Two minutes later I’m tapped on the shoulder with a bottle of water from the women who stood behind me in line. She hails from London but lives in Kent, works as a cosmetic surgery consultant, and has a daughter that is currently visiting her grandparents in Spain. We had a lovely conversation for the rest of the ride. As the train pulled up to St. Pancras, she wished me well with the internship and told me she had bought a Westwood corset from the Worlds End Shop back in the day.

Speaking of St. Pancras, I meant to include a few photos from DesignJunction (a furniture and lighting trade show that exhibited at Granary Square, across the river from St. Pancras) in my last post, but didn’t get around to downloading them in time. In my fourth and final post about this whirlwind experience with the RCGD campaign, I’ll include a few highlights from the DesignJunction event- namely the Central St. Martin’s student exhibition “Brainwaves” and an infant jamming to Johannes Brahms “Hungarian Dance.”



Talia Connelly Diary, Part 2 | Hosted by the Nido Collection

Monday 26th, 2016

Hi there! It’s technically Saturday Oct 1st, but pretend Talia didn’t shamefully fall behind in her diary writing and that Tuesday-onwards hasn’t happened yet ☺ The post for this current week will be coming shortly.


If you don’t know what the Red Carpet Green Dress Campaign refers to, who Nido Collection is, or why an Asian lass and a flock of sheep are atop the London Bridge, please refer to “Diary, Pt 1.” Otherwise, entry numero dos proceed!

This week, there were four birthdays in the Westwood office and no one throws a classier office kitchen party than those enlisted in fashion.

2When one runs out of plates, toilet paper becomes a rather handy backup.

3The employees, well… they like to keep things unpredictable.


The Gold label intern crew from the left: Avishay, Cecily, Mel, Hannah, Me, Rene and Kat.

The office is in the midst of preparing for the SS17 runway show at Paris Fashion Week. Which means three days from now I will be aboard the Eurostar train to assist backstage. Can you believe it only takes 2 hours to get to Paris from London? It takes me nearly four hours just to exit state lines back home. Hannah, a fellow Gold label intern has spent the past few days Googling “cool things in Paris” and informed us that a vampire museum and pet cemetery outing are in the works. (Assuming that late night prep work for the show doesn’t completely wipe us out before then!) Read more

Red Carpet Green Dress Talia Connelly meets Dame Vivienne Westwood at St Martins Lane Hotel

Red Carpet Green Dress winner Talia Connelly is in London for her internship experience with leading fashion house Vivienne Westwood. Talia entered the Red Carpet Green Dress contest earlier this year and secured the prize to be flown over to London and spend time with the fashion house.


Talia Connolley from Rhode Island School of Design secured the Red Carpet Green Dress prize after writing an essay about sustainable fashion. Talia met with campaign founder Suzy Amis Cameron, Dame Vivienne Westwood and the campaign director Samata at leading London hotel St Martins Lane. The much anticipated meeting and pictures took place to signal the commencement of Talia’s internship with the fashion house; read Talia’s diary entry about her exciting internship experience here.

Located in Covent Garden, St Martins Lane is known for its stylish ethos and contemporary design, however the hotel also has a strong sustainability policy, making it a great fit for the Red Carpet Green Dress meeting to take place. From recycling to pushing socially responsible initiatives – this includes donating unused soap and toiletries to Clean The World’s soap recycling program and mattresses to charity organizations – the hotel provided the perfect base for the exciting meeting.

Red Carpet Green Dress founder honoured in New York

Fashion 4 Development’s Annual First Ladies Luncheon was held during the United Nations General Assembly week in New York, to celebrate the unprecedented cooperation between diplomacy and fashion for the greater good of women and children worldwide. First Ladies, UN Ambassadors and VIPs from around the world gathered to honor award recipients – “Agents of Change” –  for their humanitarian work.



Suzy Amis Cameron was honoured for her work as Red Carpet Green Dress founder, co-founder of MUSE School CA, her advocacy for the plant-based movement and much more. Suzy Amis Cameron joined musician and philanthropist Annie Lennox and Natalia Vodianova – model and philanthropist – as other trail-blazing women being honoured on the night. Red Carpet Green Dress is a sustainable fashion design campaign founded by Suzy Amis Cameron.

The event was covered by the Hollywood Reporter, read more here.

Talia Connelly Diary, Part 1 | Hosted by the Nido Collection

Sunday, September 18th

Hello and greetings from London!


I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table, notebook open and laptop up, staring at the screen and ruminating over a captivating opening line for the past fifteen minutes. Though I’ve been journaling since I was in grade school, it feels odd to post my thoughts in a public setting like this. Which leads me to wonder who you, reader of these musings, may be. Are you a Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) campaign hopeful for 2017? A devoted Westwood follower? A friend, classmate, or fellow textile enthusiast? Or simply a being floating in the vast cosmos of the Internet, seeking information on an unrelated topic and somehow stumbling across this page? All are welcome.

Well, it’s been 9 days, 218 hours, or 13,127 minutes since I stepped off Virgin Airline flight #12 and onto rain-slicked British turf. Arriving at Nido Collection, a courtly West Hampstead student accommodation, I am greeted by RCGD campaign director Samata Pattinson beaming in a blue jumpsuit illuminated by a bouquet of crisply wrapped flowers in hand. Is this real life? Is this real life? Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor of my apartment in Rhode Island, surrounded by a group of close friends and sharing a dinner of golden curry, quiche and Eastside Market strawberries. Today I’m in the country that C.S. Lewis, C. Darwin, William Blake and William Morris, Julie Andrews, Tilda Swinton, and Sherlock and Watson call home. Along with the likes of Alexander Mcqueen, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney and of course, Dame Vivienne Westwood.

I had the weekend to recuperate from the jetlag. I did a bit of exploring around Chinatown Soho and Piccadilly Circus. Strangely, many of the roads were blocked off and there were throngs of people gathered along the streets. What a mess, I thought to myself, that London closes half its streets and permits its citizens from walking through. Does this happen every Saturday? Five minutes later I learned that a Tour of Britain cycling race was about to take place and to kindly step off the road as to not be flattened. Then on Monday at 9:30am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I was off to 9-15 Elcho Street, Westwood Headquarters. Read more

Winner of Vivienne Westwood prize – Talia Connolley

We have our winner! Congratulations to Talia Connolley from Rhode Island School of Design for securing the Red Carpet Green Dress prize to spend time with fashion house Vivienne Westwood in London.


Thank you to ALL of our entrants for your patience in the selection. This took a little longer as the entries were simply too good and the Head of Couture at Westwood herself and the team at Westwood spent time going over each and every single one with so much detail to make sure the right selection was made. It was so hard, that is why it has taken so long. Thank you for your patience. We have an exciting partnership planned with all of our entrants, winners or not, which we will be sharing later this year so this is not the end of anything. However, in the interim, please join us in congratulating Talia for all of her hard work! Talia will join Vivienne Westwood later this year and we will keep you posted on how this develops.

Twelve-thousand years after the first woven cloth was created, Rhode Island School of Design student Talia Connelly was hunched over a wooden 4-harness loom threading her first cotton warp. She caught the “fiber arts” bug in high school after witnessing an indigo dye demonstration given by her chemistry teacher. Stay tuned to find out more about our winner!

Win an Internship at Vivienne Westwood – deadline extended 

This year’s student competition element to the campaign will be held on the Red Carpet Green Dress website in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood’s London ­based fashion house. Vivienne Westwood’s Head of Couture, Brigitte Stepputtis, will be choosing one winner from the worldwide contest, open to anyone over the age of 18.

The winner will:
– Be flown over to London, UK and accommodated in the fashion capital of the UK (if based outside London)
– Have all expenses covered including food and transport
– Meet face to face meeting with Red Carpet Green Dress founder, and MUSE School co-founder, Suzy Amis Cameron
– Receive five one hour Skype sessions with the author of Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, designer and Red Carpet Green Dress Campaign Director Samata

Find out more here.



Staying at Candara Apartments – by Samata

This Season Candara Apartments sponsored our Campaign Director during the busy Oscars season. Here is what she had to say about the experience!

Located in the Hollywood/Hancock park area, Candara was the perfect retreat providing a community feel which still affords you the level of privacy you need or seek. Larchmont Village is walking distance and Hancock Park is a lovely neighborhood to be a part of.  To be perfectly frank, staying in Candara is like living luxury – there is a feeling of tranquility throughout the building which I just loved. Alongside your local friendly residents the calibre of professionalism demonstrated by staff in the leasing office was full on five star – with well-positioned spaces for working, relaxing and contemplating – was a take home I will not readily forget. The community bar in the Lion’s Den, the always clean working space in The Study and the bar The Enchanted Fig keeps the community atmosphere together and it goes without saying that Oscar season is manic to say the least – so having my base placed in a place as  calming and peaceful as Candara was simultaneously rejuvinating and relaxing.

The decor is consistently sultry but doesn’t over-impose, still with its rich Andalucian-inspired design Candara is no shrinking flower. Many moments spent by the Wishing Tree, the open-air lightness of the Spanish Garden or the fireside gathering and custom designed rockers of the Hearth kept me working from Candara instead of heading into the bustle of Hollywood. With lively common rooms, a private meeting space, indoor parking and stunning apartments in the centre of Los Angeles you will be situated close tothe LA nightlife should you leave this beautiful oasis.

Red Carpet Green Dress definitely recommend this location,  and we urge anyone looking for an apartment building full of interesting residents, great amenities – jacuzzi, rooftop getaway and common areas included – to do work or have some time out, to consider a stay at Candara. We can’t reiterate enough that the location is fantastic, peaceful at night and highly recommended.


Send us correspondence via our contact form below to reach Red Carpet Green Dress at our London or California base.






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